Dear Pantone® Santa…

I want this.

And maybe some matching eyeshadow:

Pantone® nail polish and eyeshadow (concepts) by Renata Veiga { via NOTCOT }.

And while you’re at it, how about a nice Pantone® cashmere sweater, in 2695C?

In fact, if I continue to be relatively well-behaved, would you see to it that your elves put into production every Pantone® concept product developed over the past decade or so?

[PS. I’m still waiting on that mug, lego, and Pannetone®* I asked for last year].

* What is it about Christmas that brings the Pantone® concepts out of the woodwork?

Venn Redux

Okay, remember when the internet started leaking a steady supply of hilariously reworked periodic tables and I developed a tiny obsession (then revisited it) despite a distinct lack of real scientific knowledge?

Well, it’s happened again, this time with Venn diagrams. Usually, I try to avoid anything remotely mathematical (unless of course it’s Craig Damrauer’s New Math).

But there are Venn diagrams, and then there are Venn diagrams. These are the latter:


{ Douglas Adams loved giant, spotty, placid whale sharks, and so do I. via Behance }

{ I love both unicorns and narwhals, and this is genius. My original favourite, by ArgyleWhale via horkulated }

{ I’m also a fan of colour standards, so CMYcake is my new favourite, via FFFFOUND! }

There’s also something rather nice about memes that are gradually exuded throughout the ether like this. As opposed to those high GI memes that burn twice as bright but half as long, before hitting maximum saturation and maximum irritation at almost precisely the same moment (see also: Rickrolling, Squirrel Crashes, and — as much as I hate to say it — Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat).

PS. For a permanent source of often puerile, seldom unfunny, and not at all mathematical diagrams and graphs, you might like to bookmark GraphJambut only if you can afford to fritter away vast swathes of time on a regular basis.

PPS. This one is conclusively prescient:

{ Enough said! via BuzzFeed }

Colour me Crayola (or Derwent)

It’s a generally accepted fact that I am, generally speaking, a tiny bit of a nerd. I like the Pantone scale, chromatic coordination, and whimsical nomenclature.

So it’s no surprise that when I plugged myself into the intermesh this morning, I was tickled pink* to find 120 Crayon Names, Colour Codes and Fun Facts:


Click the pretty picture to see the whole blog posting on COLOURlovers.

But as much as I love looking at the pretty chromatic arrangement (and I do) I love the names even more.

Some read like the Ben & Jerry’s flavour list: Macaroni and Cheese. Neon Carrot.Wild Watermelon. Jazzberry Jam.

Others make me think of a ModCloth catalogue: Unmellow Yellow. Mango Tango. Mauvelous. Wild Blue Yonder. Purple Heart.

Some are eloquently evocative (and evocatively eloquent): Wisteria. Asparagus. Shamrock. Robin Egg Blue.

And others still are so very, very Derwentine: Aquamarine. Cerulean. Pine Green. Raw Sienna. Magenta.

Speaking of which, I was much more a Derwent fan when I was growing up. Oh how we young girls coveted the timber double-tray box of 120. It was the ultimate sign of prestige: all the cool kids had a set. We hoarded them greedily in Year 4, waiting desperately until art class when we would put one tray on the desk, one in the under-desk cubby, and one on our laps. It was an unspoken pact among friends that one could borrow no more than 3 colours at a time. “Pressing hard” was forbidden, for fear of snapping the lead (but it was perfectly okay to colour over several times in order to achieve the same opaque effect). And under NO circumstances was anyone other than the owner ever allowed to sharpen the pencil, EVER.

Ah, the social mores of a nascent stationery fiend.

* That’s hex code FC89AC, by the way.

PS. This morning the internet (clearly on a roll with the technicolour awesomeness) also introduced me to this crazy Ray-Ban-fan chameleon:

Chameleons are pretty incredible anyway, but this is one wild child colour junkie.

Home again, Home again.

Not surprisingly, the snow was too much fun. I’m hardly ashamed to say that  when it comes to trawling the intermesh and sifting out the good bits, I’d rather glide knee-deep through champagne powder, surrounded by a swift-moving miasma of snowflake-shaped snowflakes.

That said, the intermesh did spawn some pretty neat stuff while I was otherwise occupied with colder things. Which just means that I’ve come home to a fresh backlog of intricate online oddments. And lacking the time or inclination to blog at length about all of them, here is a condensed version. Condensed as in milk: sweeter and denser, and thusly suitable only for direct ingestion (NOT as a coffee additive).

  • Kumi Yamashita via Fubiz

    Profile, 1994. the number and alphabet blocks, lit from the left, cast a silhouette of a man’s profile.

    Exclamation Point, 1995. (A shadowy interrobang).

  • Yes We Kern.

    { by Stefano Joker Lionetti on Behance Network }

    And yes, I spent January 20 in a frenzy of Inauguration Watching. That is to say, a frenzy of lying on the sofa watching CNN (falling in love with Anderson Cooper and laughing at the doom-and-gloom on FOX), eating Reece’s Pieces, drinking Krug champagne, cooing over the new first family, and generally celebrating the momentousness of the occasion, the American-ness of the day, and the luck of my being in such (relatively) close proximity to it all.

  • The Cardboard Kitchen on The Trendy Girl:

    As if I needed another reason to crave stationery supplies.

  • Alphabird by Marcus Fisher, the dust breeder.

    (It’s a black capped chickadee)

  • To Do: Post-it notes left to their fate in public places.

    This one was affixed to the window of a DVD store).

    I really enjoy post-it notes. And I wish someone would litter my daily path with meaningfully-placed memos.

  • PANTONE® T-Shirts from Gap { via lintcoat and notcot }.

    And we all know how much I like PANTONE® stuff.

  • We also know how much I like paperclips:

    { Destination Seoul: Fairytale Bookmark Set by Jin Sun Suh at the MoMA store }

  • I confess, I really like this Christoph Niemann manifesto:
    (Click thru for less squinting/more detail).

    … but nowhere near as much as I love (and identify with) Mr Niemann’s observations on coffee

    (click thru for more, including a very astute graph on coffee preference/bagel fancying).

    …and his incredibly witty retelling of New York, in lego:

    You don’t need to have been to NY to love (lego) this. I haven’t, and I do. Thanks ultimately to FFFFOUND! for directing me towards this. I suggest you immediately RSS Niemann’s Abstract City blog for the NY Times. It’s awesome.

  • Save your page.

    Print your own ‘Save’ bookmark by icoeye { via Inspire me, now! }. Go ahead, it’s free! And look, it’s being demonstrated in a book of Magritte prints! Doubly wonderful.

  • And… February 6 was Semicolon Day in Sweden.

    { via Below The Clouds }

    Pause for celebration?