Verdana is IKEA’s font of the futura.

03.09.09 UPDATE:

  • Great coverage of the issue on, which, I have just discovered, is a Bloody Brilliant Blog (BBB).
  • You can sign the anti-Verdana “IKEA please get rid of Verdana” petition here.
  • And has even cottoned on to the debacle: The Font War: Ikea Fans Fume Over Verdana.

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After 50 years, IKEA is changing its font from Futura to Verdana.
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I love IKEA. I can honestly attest that almost every item of furniture I have ever owned (since childbirth) has been from IKEA. IKEA is the Helvetica of the furniture world. It is a blank canvas. A neutral. Sufficient character to stand up on its own (pun intended), but muted enough that it doesn’t drown out what you’re really trying to say * .

I also love the kooky IKEA language, and the crazy nomenclature around which it is built. A mirror known as FRÄCK; a tiny plush owl toy called SOT; a computer table that answers to the name DAVE. Every book I’ve ever owned has lived on a BILLY bookcase.

Part of me worries that none of these will look or sound quite so Scandinavianly edgy when printed in Verdana

*Probably something along the lines of “I like low prices, simple lines, white-on-white,  and am handy with an Allen key“.

A minor revision re: lolcats


I may have been rather heavy-handed in my universal (and well-publicised) dismissal of all things lolcat. As of now, I would like to officially revise and clarify my prior stance:

a) I still despise the term ‘lol’ (or ‘LOL’ or ‘lololol’, and so on and so forth), whether written, typed or spoken. Maybe we can still be friends if you choose to use it, but I won’t reciprocate (I prefer ‘BAHAHA‘).


b) I still want to fix every lolcats caption so that it has correct spelling/grammar/syntax/everything.


c) Lolcats can be … REALLY STUPIDLY FUNNY. Especially when related to the topic of grammar/editing/linguistics/quantum physics.

Humour-wise, I place them in the same league as Man Hiding Out in IKEA by Covering Self in IKEA Bags, and this Male Model Reading The Picture of Dorian Gray From Page One Backstage At NY Fashion Week.

If your moronic, miscaptioned cat photo teeters on the brink of irony, with one lolpaw dipping into metareflexivity, then I am likely to find it snortingly funny. I will say ‘BAHAHA!’. Possibly out loud. (But I still won’t say ‘lol’).