Etymology, mapped.

Just take a look at this and tell me it isn’t as wonderful as it is amusing.pineapple

And thanks to Reddit user Bezbojnicul, via The Guardian, there’s more where that came from.

I was actually looking for something completely different — an old bookmark to 100 Famous Movie Quotes, Visualised — when I found this map, but some fatefully circuitous navigation that would make Dirk Gently proud led me to the treasure trove that is Flowing Data. If you love high-brow infographics, follow my lead.

Oh, and that movie quote thing? Totally worth the search:


Highlights include King Kong and A League of Their Own. (You’ll get a better view over at the original FlowingData post.)

Nice graphs!

Feeling a last-minute pang of fear that it could all go horribly, horribly wrong? Here is a collection of pretty, pretty pre-election graphs to remind you that Everything Will Be Okay.

US Election Polltracker (Gallup) on BBC:

Gallup Poll on BBC US Election Polltracker

AFP via RealClearPolitics via

US Election Poll on RealClearPolitics via

Today’s Polls on FiveThirtyEight:

Five Thirty Eight - Daily Poll, 3 November 2008

Percentage chance and (good-looking) odds at Betfair:

US Election on Betfair

Polling Electoral map from RealClearPolitics:

US Election Map on RealClearPolitics
Now we all know I’m terrible with numbers, but I’m pretty certain that 132 + 128 = less than 278. So even if McCain/Palin somehow manage to secure ALL of the ‘Toss Up’ states…

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