Better than alphagetti*: edible gelatin typography

{ via Colossal }

Current distraction: wondering about the mouthfeel. Chewy? Sticky? Sans-serifs-y? Alphagetti?*

(Subsequent distraction: the curious difference between American “jelly”, which is Australian “jam”, and Australian “jelly”, which is American “jello”.)


*If it’s named after what it clearly IS named after, shouldn’t there be an H after that G?

Shrove Tuesday: The fowl truth

Shrove Tuesday, it would seem, is not just about atonement, pancakes and merriment:

{ Oxford English Dictionary Online }

Let us not forget that this is also day for flogging roosters and gifting hens:

{ Oxford English Dictionary Online }

How very glad I am that times have changed.
Pancakes are such a victimless treat.

PS. Lard by any other name… Shrove Tuesday is, of course, Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday. And no prizes for guessing why: in Hawaii and Lithuania it’s a feast-before-fast of donuts; in German American communities, fried potato dough with corn syrup (hmm, wholesome); in Sweden, pastry filled with marzipan and cream; in Iceland, salt meat and peas (?)… [ Wikify for more detail ]. Of course, if you have theistic reasons for marking the occasion, all that Gras has to keep you going through until Easter-Egg Sunday.

{ Pancakes via Toronto Island Community }