The book[ing] desk

{ Information desk, via FFFFOUND!}

I’m not sure I’d trust information sourced from behind a desk made of books that clearly can’t be opened for information-sourcing purposes, but I would certainly trust the person who designed said desk.

It’s rather reminiscent of that favourite chromatically arranged bookshelf of mine:

{ from Periodic tables of everything, which is definitely a related post }


2 thoughts on “The book[ing] desk”

  1. I love this. Who did design this desk, I will research…

    I attempted to chromatically arrange our bookshelves once. Didnt work. It bugged me that the subject matters were scattered everywhere. Ahh…

    1. I can see how that would be irritating! Though it would possibly be even more annoying if you were used to having them in alphabetical order. Before the chromatic reorganisation, mine were arranged by SIZE rather than subject or title, so it was just a transition from one anti-literary arrangement to another.

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