A casualty of sharks and poor subediting

SERIOUSLY, smh.com.au?

Auusie's face bitten in shark attack

Twice in under 10 days?

How hard can it be to spell “Aussie”?

See also: A casualty of war and poor subediting


5 thoughts on “A casualty of sharks and poor subediting”

  1. Hi Olivia,
    When I read your “This is a pedant’s-eye view…etc.,” I thought ha, that could be me! I have been know to slam around bad copy myself. I can’t even attend a funeral without being annoyed by the mistakes in the written program.

    It’s hard to get people to care…it’s not a priority anymore. I think we’re fighting a losing battle. Proofreading is my life and my curse, it’s not a choice—we can’t help it!

    I LOVE the Fug Girls!

    Take care,

    1. That is bad!I worked for a small newspaper back in Connecticut—it was horrible. The production dept. would refuse to make my corrections, even if it was a local politician’s name spelled wrong, or an obituary…they just didn’t see it as an issue…it was hopeless and depressing.

  2. Funny, when i first saw that online I didn’t even notice the spelling of Aussie…I was appalled by the spelling of Solomon Islands!

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