A (word) wall of fear

I know: isn’t this just great?

In 2008, Brian Rea began taking inventory of the things that worried him and the New Yorkers around him. Using chalk and white paint, he then spent 13 days compiling the accumulated fears onto a 7m x 3.5m blackboard wall, arranging them into categories of physical, political, and of course, supernatural… (more — and all images — at Fast Company).

Look: Brian Rea is a space nerd too! (‘cept he fears UFOs, whereas I just doubt them.)

Found at You Look Marvelous. Currently on display at Fundació Joan Miró… or on my desktop wallpaper.

I am SO tempted to do this in my own home. But with something rather less daunting than Fear.  Wallflower Words, perhaps…? Oh, except I live in a rented apartment. And probably will do for the foreseeable eternity. So perhaps not.

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