Chess Letters, Book Letters, [Bachelor of] Legal Letters.

No time to blog.

Too busy studying.

Would rather be playing

{ Type Chess Set by Wary Meyers via The Jailbreak }

Or maybe choosing a Book That I Actually Want To Read, from

{ Letters Bookshelf by Pieter de Leeuw via Design Milk }

Instead, there are only four letters on my mind right now:

B.  LLB.*




*…Okay, technically it’s B. Comms/LLB. But in the final 5 days of 5 years’ study having secured the “Comms” bit last semester, and now with only 2 exams to go — those 2 Ls and Bs are my only (very significant) academic concern right now.**


** If I had more free time I’d throw something in here about blubbing, study lbs, and curious palindromes. But I haven’t, so I shan’t.



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