Screen vs. Paper ~ Bookworm vs. Social butterfly


{ Evelin Kasikov, via FFFFOUND! }

Now that I have broken free from the manacles of full-time study (and settled into full-time desk work, for the nonce) I am readily able to indulge my desire to read Readables Of My Own Ready Choosing. No more Textbooks Which I Cannot Afford To Purchase and Do Not Wish To Read Anyway. And, hopefully — depending on my willpower — more printed matter, fewer blogs. I want to touch what I read (and not just on the eyePhone* screen).

Exhibit A:

Hyde Park.

Eoin Colfer (who is NOT Douglas Adams, but is trying VERY hard).

2 minutes later, a ladybird landed on me.

Then I had a nap.


Exhibit B (for which the evidence has mysteriously vanished from the internet):

Dotingly aware of my studious predicament, (LECTURES! THESIS! ASSESSMENTS! EXAMS!) Father saved a 3-month cache of my favourite nerd magazines.

I took delivery last week.



Now, if only I could find the time to sit and read! [Not looking likely]

Maybe the outside world could stop being so remarkably interesting? [No thanks].

Oh, my library for a quantum life! Or alternatively, it may be time to start reading as a social activity. A bookworm with wings? Sounds nice.

* Secret tweeter‘s tip: Never tweet about “iPhone” lest you suffer an instant inundation of DMing, @-replying macspambots. Choose an appropriate pseudonym, and tweet away.

Large Hadron Collider now actually colliding protons!


I can’t explain why, but this news makes me extraordinarily excited, proud, humble, thrilled, wonderstruck, optimistic…  [insert further relevant emotions here].

Our Universe is a miraculous event.
Won’t it be fun to try and find out just what makes it so?

{ image from Boston Big Picture and I strongly recommend you click-thru  for yet another must-see LHC collection. This particular portrait features a “Compact Muon Solenoid”, a particle detector much like ALICE and ATLAS. I love lyrical jargon and acronyms the meanings of which fly stratospherically — nay, sub-orbitally far above my head. }


The language of deep space

LHC too cool/broken for its own good; helium-based hilarity ensues

Star-maker Machinery

Earth still here?… Yup!

To Hell in  Hadron Collider?

Chess Letters, Book Letters, [Bachelor of] Legal Letters.

No time to blog.

Too busy studying.

Would rather be playing

{ Type Chess Set by Wary Meyers via The Jailbreak }

Or maybe choosing a Book That I Actually Want To Read, from

{ Letters Bookshelf by Pieter de Leeuw via Design Milk }

Instead, there are only four letters on my mind right now:

B.  LLB.*




*…Okay, technically it’s B. Comms/LLB. But in the final 5 days of 5 years’ study having secured the “Comms” bit last semester, and now with only 2 exams to go — those 2 Ls and Bs are my only (very significant) academic concern right now.**


** If I had more free time I’d throw something in here about blubbing, study lbs, and curious palindromes. But I haven’t, so I shan’t.