Spot the Dustpocalypse: Life on Mars/Earth

Spot the difference:

{ Sunrise on Mars, via NASA }

{ View from my ferry (7.20am, Saturday 24.09.09), Circular Quay, Sydney, Earth }

Sydney saw the Dustpocalypse twice this week: two epic dust storms sweeping eastward from the inland deserts. The first on Wednesday morning, came with full-force opaque orange skies, visibility nil, and undertones of other-worldly terror.

Tom Coates’ Red Dust photo gallery says it best:

{ I adore the deathly reflection }

The second — this fine Saturday morning — resulted in a greyer shade of haze, and that uncannily Martian ice-blue sunrise.

Both eventually cleared to reveal clearer-than-clear bright Springtime afternoons.

Now how on Earth (or Mars) can anyone who lives on this planet honestly say that the weather is just  a topic for idle small talk?

Playing in my Head

Movies: Total Recall

{ via HuffPo }

Music: Life on Mars, David Bowie.


2 thoughts on “Spot the Dustpocalypse: Life on Mars/Earth”

  1. Weather is the one topic that can always be relied upon to interest young and old.

    The dust storm didn’t get us down here today but Wednesday was epic. Very eerie all day.

  2. THAT EYE THING that Bowie has is the thing I have. Sometimes. It’s fleeting and gives me just that hint of the crazy. Anasocoria, I believe it’s called. Also known as ‘hypochondriac’s delight’.

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