Going Forward… [*shudder*]

I just realised why the phrase “going forward” irks me so.

It is newspeak for “henceforth”, which is actually a lovely word and does not need to be replaced. Think about it: anywhere the phrase “going forward” is used, one could just as well say “henceforth” and convey the same meaning. It’s an ugly, ugly synonym.

Henceforth, whenever I hear the soulless, economistic, accountantesque* words “going forward”, I shall mentally replace them with “henceforth” and thus obscure the linguistic ugliness. That way, the politicians, teachers and grown-ups all get to play with their boring newspeak, I get to enjoy the phoentic rustle of henceforth, and everyone is happy.

* Nothing against economists/accountants. I hear some of them are LOVELY people.

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