More On The Moon

More on the topic of lunar loveliness

Ardha chandrasana: Half-moon pose

For Earthlings, today is New Moon (the lunar phase, not the teen vampire popfic phenom). For Ashtanga yogis, today is therefore Moon DayTraditionally, this is a day of rest, or at least, non-practice, associated with apana: a grounding force that renders us settled, but also less inclined to physical exertion. Personally, as an Earthling and an Ashtangi, I feel out of kilter if I don’t rise with the sun and meander to the mat. So my Moon Day began with lots of beautiful, earthing asanas — parighasana, krounchasana, gomukhasana and supta padangusthasana woven into my practice, followed by a long, deep savasana, pulled downward by the firm hand of gravity.


The longest solar eclipse of the 21st Century happened today:

{ via The Age }

In parts of India, the sun even rose in partial eclipse, the moon edging further and further in between Earth and Sol with every passing dawntime minute…* I can only imagine that saluting to a partially eclipsed surya must be a truly wondrous experience. Can you think of a better way to feel like an infinitesimal animated visitor in an incomprehensibly mysterious, miraculous universe? I can’t!

* The Beeb has some nice photos here.



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