“Refridgerators”, “pidgeons”, “burried”, and The French Band.


Read (v.)>> Good luck selling that “refridgerator”

A brilliant (and very astute) rant from Verbal Remedy (“The She-Lord Of Perpetual Nattering”) on her Open Salon blog Verbs and Spices (once upon a snark) about the relationship between spelling and selling.*

Reminds me of something I once posted about back in the day: Good luck finding that “pidgeon”.

And also, of something I haven’t posted about, but  keep meaning to:

I can forgive a typo like this. I kind of like the idea of one Mike Mills being too “burried” in romantic sentiment to spell it correctly… And yes, it’s mainly because, as I just discovered, HE DID THE COVER ARTWORK FOR ALL THOSE INCREDIBLE ‘AIR’ ALBUMS!

My gosh, how I adored (and still do adore) this album and its cover art:

In fact, I wholeheartedly believe we should all listen to it now, and “burry” ourselves in romantic sentiment. So very Virgin Suicides.

* Brilliant name, by the by.


3 thoughts on ““Refridgerators”, “pidgeons”, “burried”, and The French Band.”

  1. as an avid speller, scrabbler and boggler, i must say that spelling correctly is overrated. most of the amazing artists i’ve worked with in my life have been so bad at spelling i sometimes doubt my own artistic abilities because i spell so well. love your writing ~m

    1. I agree: Moon Safari — with Sexy Boy, La Femme d’Argent and Kelly Watch The Stars — is the definitive Air-lover’s album. But just looking at the cover of Virgin Suicides evokes so many young memories 🙂

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