Hitler freaks out over Comic Sans MS

“THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Comic Sans MS does not make me look friendly or cool! It doesn’t look professional at all! Churchill must be making jokes already! What will you do next? Republish Mein Kampf in Comic Sans MS? You are the worst marketing team I’ve ever worked with!

There is tons [sic] of great fonts to work with and you chose the worst!… You even used it to subtitle this f***ing YouTube video! What will our enemies think? That will [sic] invade them riding Teddy Bears?”

{ by DesignerDaily, via Brilliantology (which is a brilliant blog, and which I think you need to RSS as soon as possible, if not sooner) }

PS. Yes, I am aware that this could be deemed mildly offensive. But then, the most humourous things often are. So just remember how much you laughed at Monty PythonThe Life of Brian, FTW) and Black Books (especially The Grapes of Wrath, where Bernard and Manny kill THE POPE with inferior wine)… and chillax.

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