The Mad TEA Parties of 2009



{ The Mad Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland. By Sir John Tenniel, via Victorian Web }
{ The Boston Tea Party in, er, Boston. By Currier & Ives, via Rhapsody in Books }
{ Woman With Tea Bag Hat , via The New York Times

A Tea Party is…

a) A civil gathering of acquaintances, for the purposes of sipping Earl Grey and nibbling cucumber sandwiches (Mad Hatter optional).

b) A drunken gathering of revellers, for the purposes of a big night out at World Bar.

c) A historical gathering of American revolutionaries, for the purposes of throwing tea chests into Boston Harbour, in protest against The Tea Act of 1773, which (surprise, surprise) imposed a tax on said tea.

d) A controversial gathering of ‘radical’ anti-tax protesters, for the purposes of condemning taxes in general (and government spending, and Barack Obama, and Liberalism, and all that jazz).

e) A purple-haired afternoon stroll with Lady GaGa, apparently.

I’d never heard of Tax Day Tea Parties until, well, today. Apparently, it’s a big thing in the US, inspired by the original tax-related tea party [see (c) above]. From what I can gather — unless the media  is somehow presenting a subtly skewed perspective (NO! NEVER!) — The Tax Day Tea Party phenomenon is promoted by FOX ‘News’, tainted by allegations of astroturfing, and frequented by rabid conservatives, believers in The Communist Conspiracy Theorypeople who like to dress up like lunatics, and remarkably partisan dogs / small children.

On the other hand, the TEA in Tea Party is actually an acronym for Taxed Enough Already, and we know how much I love a clever acronym.

But on the OTHER other hand, my government just “stimulated” my bank balance to the tune of $900, so the chances of me being anti-tax and anti-spending are slimmer than slim.

So, to sum up, I love actual tea, but TEA sounds mad to me.

More on TEA (for noobs like me)

One thought on “The Mad TEA Parties of 2009”

  1. The 2009 Tea Parties derived from the Campaign for Liberty… which is the continuation the 2008 Ron Paul for President campagin. A few right-wing old media outlets and neo-cons eventually picked-up on the idea and joined in… not out devotion to the US constitution, but for their own personal agenda and gain.

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