Periodic tables: a Periodic update

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago I exposed the recent obsession — mine, and the blogosphere’s — with witty Periodic Table variations.

Well, they just keep coming. And while at one a mere ‘UPDATE’ seemed sufficient, I just found another Periodic redux by Christoph Niemann (yes, I’m excited too! Keep reading…) and I think that justifies a whole new blog post. If it keeps on like this I may have to start a whole new category (gasp!). (Click-thru images for full size and detail)

1. Periodic Table of Game Controllers

{ Pixel Fantasy via }

2. Periodic Table of Metaphors


{ in case Christoph Niemann wasn’t already cool enough }

Stay tuned for more!

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3 thoughts on “Periodic tables: a Periodic update”

  1. 🙂 man seeks patterns and order in all things. A timeless pursuit to arrange, catalogue, compare and contrast.

    the mind really is a “difference engine” at heart.

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