Beware, Treeware

I have recently realised (or re-realised, or developed an extra level of guilt about) just how much printing I do. Paperwork in the office, journal extracts at uni, research notes that simply must be underlined and ruffled and shuffled. And yet  I Did Not Know… that “treeware” was another way of saying All That Printed Stuff That I Really Do Need In My Hands And Not On A Screen.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 2.29.44 pm.png

Thanks once again, OED Word Of The Day.

Yes, I am now willing to agree that newspapers are going the way of the dodo, but The Paperless Office is still very much a thing of fantasy.

That’s The Paperless Office, mind you, and not The Paperless Library, which is a thing of nightmares. I won’t rant again (just see my previous anti-Kindle rantings here).  Though I must admit that I’ve recently acquired an iPhone… and an eReader app… and have even gone so far as to download enough classic literature to fill a suitcase (if it was in treeware format)… and have THOROUGHLY enjoyed being able to reread Dracula in the font/kerning/leading/justification/colour scheme of my choice… I will never stop loving real books.

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