Word Nerd: Targeting Rubik’s

{ 9-letter Word Rubik’s Cube by Kasper Sonne via LikeCool.com }

I really love word puzzles. And I really, really love doing the Word Target in the newspaper. Some days the 9-letter word is apparent the second you flip to the last page. Other days, you stare at it for as long as it takes to mull over three cups of tea. You give up, and then have a 9-letter epiphany 7 hours later when your mind ought to be solving other problems. Sometimes a ‘good’ result is 10 words; sometimes it’s 35. Sometimes, the 9-letter is a completely ordinary word. Sometimes it’s a word you’re sure doesn’t actually exist. Such are the joys of Word Target.

But I digress. The point is, I want this 9-letter word Rubik’s Cube. An endless supply of Target puzzles, complete with 80s novelty styling? Fun!


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