Con-fuschias says…

No, not really. Confucius says:

A man who has committed a mistake
and doesn’t correct it
is committing another mistake.

{ via Quotes of the Day on twitter }

So contextually adapted, the Ancient Chinese wisdom is this: No blame will be apportioned to those who misspell and make typos, for it happens to us all (and some are too busy to proof, and some just don’t know ‘their’ from ‘there’). But those who recognise said error — and just leave it there to fester — are guilty of editorial negligence and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

PS. Is it terribly wrong that in my mind, ‘Confucius’ looks less like this…
{ via }

…and more like this?

{via scv news and tried and true }

Err, yes, that’s Con[man]…fuchsias.
What can I say? A rebus is a terrible thing to waste.



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