Sh*t (disemvowelling in action)

Disemvowel (v.)

  1. To hack the vowels out of a written expletive and replace them with asterisks, thereby rendering said expletive less offensive, while not expurgating it entirely. Most commonly employed in the moderation of discussion boards and blog comments, to assuage the censorphobia of potty-mouthed commenters, and leave shrinking violet blog readers with their delicate sensitivities intact.

    There are even guidelines for bloggers on the moderator’s rights and responsibilities re: disemvowelling user comments and the like (recently updated). I must admit that I don’t understand those who take umbrage at being disemvowelled. If the reader has enough imagination to fill in the asterisks, then the asterisks will have next to no effect. And as for readers who lack that imagination (ie: the very, very young), who would object to protecting their innocence?

  2. To write txt mssgs wtht vwls, thereby saving time and mkng shrtr txts. As demonstrated, this form of disemvowelling is far more irritating than it is useful.

  3. To talk like a Kiwi. Contrary to popular belief, New Zealanders don’t say “fush and chups”, they say “fsh n chps”. Think about it: you know I’m right.


Not so gory after all.


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