Gone skiing.

{ Horacek }

As of today, I will be swapping the Summertime of Sydney for the Winterland of North America*. More specifically, I’ll be spending two weeks in Salt Lake City, Utah, followed by another fortnight in Banff, Canada. And I can summarise my trip plan in three words: 1) Snow, 2) Skiing, 3) Wheeee!

I may or may not blog while abroad. If I do, it will be because the urge to share new and unexplored linguistic oddities is irresistible (am anticipating some fun with the Aussie-Yankee-Canadian accent variations). If the blogging stops, it’s because I’m having too much fun in the snow, in which case, Apostrophe Man will take care of things until I return.

Until then…

* Flying United: The Airline Barack Obama Prefers. And yes, I will be in the US for the inauguration! Not AT the inauguration ceremony, granted. But within the same country nonetheless!

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