Lawks! More silvery ‘new’ words

Even more Words To Brighten Your New Year.


Via: Again, a tweeting Stephen Fry.

Means: Egads! Gosh darn! Golly! Good Lord! (and other such vulgarised and once-blasphemous exclamations).

Why? Sounds funny (like ‘banjaxed’), and strikes me as something that might have come from the mouth of Hugh Laurie’s Prince Regent in Blackadder (“Lucky, Lucky, lucky, lark, lark, lark, cluckcluckcluck…”).

Since: 1768 (older than you think).


Via: OED Word Of The Day

Means: Silvery. Comprised of, resembling or containing silver. Not to be confused with the proper noun ‘Argentine’ (aka. Argentinian, pertaining to Argentina, so named, of course, for the presence of silver therein).

Why?: A word that can’t help being as shimmery and luxe as its meaning and substance. Also, as regards the Argentina connection, ‘argetine’ reminds me of the Argentine Tango, surely the most fabulous and terrifying dance on Earth.

Since: 1537 (extremely antique).

See also: Look closer at OED definition 3(c)…


Via: OED Word of the Day (tangentially).

Means: Scales, but in a nice way. Scales on a silvery (argentine) fish; overlapping leaves of ancient armour and/or antique silver brocade; gills on the underside of a mushroom cap. Is the diminutive form of ‘Lamina’: a thin sheet, leaf or scale of material (hence Laminate).

Why? It’s pretty, delicate, and puts the æ dipthong to good use.

Since: 1678 (admirably antique).

See also: Singular ‘lamella’,  verbal ‘lamellate’, adjectival ‘lamellar’ (or even better, ‘lamelliferous’).

Shine on!

{ image via DKimages }


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