A time and a place for typographical excess

Isn’t this splendid?

{ Maxwell Lord via FFFFOUND! }

Obviously not so wonderful for writing shopping lists, essays, labels, book covers, or anything else that requires swift, precise interpretation. But perfectly wonderful to look at for a long time, pondering what it all means. It says Narani* by the way. This I deduced after much squinting and head-tilting, during which time I almost expected to find the word ‘Narnia, on account of all that mediæval splendour and olde worlde regal excess. Come to think of it, such ornate decadence is quite fitting for the festive season: an feast for typophiles whose stomachs are full of turducken (ew!), but whose tastebuds have been abused by so many Comic Sans felicitations.

I also like the close-up line-up of black and white pens, and the way the warm light turns the brown paper a festive golden hue. But perhaps that’s just me.

* Narani is a Hindu name (probably that of the artist for whom this was created) and also a place in Kashmir.


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