What’s black and white and green all over?

It’s no Helvetica, but I think I sort of like…[drumroll, please]…

, the Dutch typeface with little holes in it (just like Dutch cheese), so that it uses 20% less ink at the printer.  But by creator SPRANQ‘s own admission, “this obviously is not very nice” to look at when large, or on the screen. The point is, you’re supposed to use small font size, and print it out, with printer bleed filling in the voids to give the impression of an almost block dark grey colour.

Firstly, I think it’s quite nice to look at. Really pretty, actually. It looks like the font from Cabaret, n’est-ce pas?

{ image via sharebus }

Only more practical for writing essays, emails, evil missives, etc. And besides, as treehugger has kindly pointed out, when used according to the official instruction (ie: printed, and small) ecofont looks pretty crummy on paper:

Secondly, if you really love the planet, you shouldn’t be printing things onto paper anyway. Which means you should only be reading from the screen (yes, I know: yucky), and if you’re only reading from the screen, then uniform black is actually more eco-friendly than white. Remember Blackle?

But it is free to download. Gratis. Yours for nothing.  Take a hint, Veer.

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