Lots of letters & many whiches

An anomalous mass of assorted letters can look nice even when it doesn’t spell anything in particular. Just ask anyone who’s read James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake *.

{ Able Parris via FFFFOUND! }

… which reminds me of:

{ ‘Death by Typography’: GCore on DeviantART }

…which reminds me of:

{Brigiet vd Berg via swissmiss }, a chunk of Dutch Helvetica lead type which, when inverted, reads verbatim: “een thuis – een thuis weet ik nog, dat is onder je grond en ruimte boven je en daar dan zijn en weten waarom”, which, when translated, says: ‘”a home – a home I still remember, it’s ground beneath you and space above and being there and knowing why”. Which is sweet, and wistful, and rather Finnegans Wake-ish, actually.

* [Wikipedia may categorise Finnegans Wake as  ‘Language: English’, but that’s a pretty generous classification if you ask me].

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3 thoughts on “Lots of letters & many whiches”

  1. Blogs of fun in your wake! So, what should you call the language, if less generously? Joycean? (Nowp.) Wakese? (Trivial.) Eurish? (Plagiarised).

  2. Not quite definitely so. I can’t call it Joycean as there are other Joyce’s works that are not given in the same language.

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