My Helvetica trumps your Gill Sans…

Type Trumps. By Face37/Rick Banks. Available from magma books. Via swissmiss.

Defeat your opponent using the special powers of each typeface: powers that relate to the font weight, year of design, cost &c. [eg: Helvetica, £464 (ouch!) trumps Avant Garde, £236]. And ‘Legibility’. Ha!

{ Type Trumps sample via swissmiss }

This is extreme. Like old-school trading card mania. Or Pokémon. Swap you a Sans Serif booster pack for a Foundry energy card?

Also, note the use of Helvetica for the packaging. Could it be any other way? Of course not! Look, it’s ranked No.1  and has a ‘legibility’ rating of 8/10. It’s like the Michael Schumacher of typeface. A bit fierce and proud, but damned near unbeatable for what seemed like forever.

5 thoughts on “My Helvetica trumps your Gill Sans…”

  1. Any chance of getting this in Australia or do I have to do dodgy overseas shuffling post things… which I will, because I want Type Trumps very much. And I want to win your Arial Black or perhaps your Franklin Gothic Narrow or even your Verdana. Of course I would love to win your Helvetica but I highly doubt my chances… And I can imagine your Curlz will be easy to win, but there is no pride in that victory.

  2. Oh!! Please tell me about the ranking source. I ask because I have been searching for legibility testing, grading and standards for printed material and have had little success.

    I assume the grading you mention is just for type faces, but that is a start. ===gm===

    1. Well, since you ask, I asked Rick Banks, creator of the cards. And this is his response:
      “The ranking system is just purely based on my favourites… There sadly isn’t any scientific reasoning behind it!”

      Aesthetics trumps science yet again! Sorry 😦 . Good luck hunting down a formal ranking/testing/grading source though.

  3. Thinking in pounds does mean the cards will suddenly cost $60. Which i could probably justify and use as a tax deduction, but key to the fun is you having them too so we could battle.

    And that means $120, which is well on the way to the new shoes i desperately want. And by well i mean it is 20 per cent of the required funds…

    Or it would be the wonderful Black CZ cross for my soon to arrive Thomas Sabo charm braclet, and i fear i want that more. Perhaps even more than the shoes.

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