Word Games + Conscience = FreeRice.

We all know that I love word games. A book of quick crosswords will keep me happy for hours, I’m fiercely addicted to the Sydney Morning Herald Word Target, and I wish real Scrabble would hurry up and become as popular as its virtual facebook incarnation, thus giving me an excuse to  bring it out at parties.

Also, I have a conscience. And Word Games + Conscience = FreeRice. For every correctly answered vocab question, THEY donate 20 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program, in an effort to help end world hunger.

Much better than those daft rubber wristbands, and requiring less hair/more brain than the Build a Beard Workshop (which you should also partake in, because it’s fun, and charitable, and because when else will you get a meaningful chance to Photoshop yourself into Poseidon’s fishy whiskers?).


One thought on “Word Games + Conscience = FreeRice.”

  1. Just spent quite some time playing free rice and have helped to donate thousands of grains!!
    Thank you for alerting me to this wonderful new word game that can make me feel clever while actually doing good. The smugness from the two combined is wonderful.
    I pity those who play word games to boost their feelings of superiority only. te he he

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