Word Nerds of the Web, Unite!

The significance of the following list is yet to be realised (suspenseful much?). Suffice it to say that I am not the only snark in this world wide web.

Broad-Spectrum Editing Blogs
→   Editrix
→   English FAIL Blog: FAIL pictures of the English language
→   Detected Errors: Sundry errors in sundry places
→   It’s Your Damned Language
→   Little Red Pen: A little red pen goes a long way
→   Mighty Red Pen (In case a little red pen is not enough)
→   Red Pen, Inc.
→   Your Sew Vein

Grammartastic Blogs
→   Grammarblog: Split infinitives and beyond
→   The Grammar Scribe
→   The Grammar Vandal
→   Our Bold Hero: Dispatches from a Grammar Wars Foot Soldier
→   Save Grammar.: One woman’s quest…
→   SPOGG: Society for the Promotion Of Good Grammar
→   Villa Grammatica

Apostrophe Blogs
→   Apostrophe Catastrophes: The Worlds’ Worst. Punctuation;
→   Apostrophe Abuse
→   Apostrophism
→   The Shelter for Abused Apostrophes: aka Rants in My Pants

Niche Blogs
→   Literally, A Web Log
→   Lowercase L


First published at tumblr Proof(v.)


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