Why so obscure‽ (An open letter to The Interrobang)


Dear Interrobang,
You ingenious exclamation mark/question mark hybrid, you,

How is it that you have hitherto been absent from my life‽
Why so obscure

Is it because you’ve only been around since 1967, the invention of (oh, the indignity) an advertising guy‽ Is it because you, like my maligned friend fora, are ‘non-standard’ and therefore thoroughly unused and uncool‽

Is it because I have to look you up in Character Map every time I want to use you‽

…Maybe you should get out more. I mean, you’re not even in the OED. If only you had made an effort to gain popular currency, we might have met sooner.

Well, now that we’ve been properly introduced, I suppose I shall make an effort to keep in touch. In times of indignation and disbelief, I shall look you up, interrobang.



First published at tumblr Proof (v.)

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