Here be Pilcrows! More punctuation plunder

While answering my interrobang queries, the wild seas of Wikipedia kindly churned up all manner of odd punctuation, glyphs and symbols, from the truly obscure to those more commonplace, though their names are not.

I have trawled through the treasure trove, and here is the booty:

Uncharted Waters

⁂ = Asterism (next sub-chapter!)

¤ = Currency (when specific currency sign unavailable. Useful!)

· = Interpunct (re: spaces, graphemes and pronunciation)

†‡ = Daggers (re: footnotes, wicket-keepers and dead people)

It’s called what now?

/ = Solidus (not “slash”)

^ = Caret (not “little up arrow above 6”)

¶ = Pilcrow or Alinea (not “paragraph sign”)

` = Prime (not “the other thing on the tilda key”)

First published at tumblr Proof (v.)


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