Caricature → Caricare → Karicare → Camembert → …Chipboard?

Talk Wordy says that the New York Times says that the word caricature — as in grossly exaggerated cartoon portrait — stems from the Italian word caricare, meaning ‘to overload’.

Karicare is a brand of infant feeding formula, designed to pump your little bundle of joy so full of vitamins, minerals and toxic urea byproducts that they’ll drop dead before they get big enough to bother you much. Okay, not really, but it was touch-and-go for a while there (click here for more exciting but typically Wikiesque background on the “2008 Chinese milk scandal”).

Anyway, coincidence? I think not!*

And on that note, is it just me or does the idea of melamine-tainted dairy products conjure up an image of two French people finding great big chunks of white-coated chipboard in their camembert?

Board + Cheese = cheeseboard
(images via jjorly, frencheese and

Oh là là! Adds a whole new meaning to the term ‘cheeseboard’!

* Still trying to establish origins of this phrase. Watch this space**.
** This one too.

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