Happy, shiny bananas

aka. “Temporarily Amusing Diversions That Must Be Banished For the Sake of Sanity and/or Productivity — Why Spellcheck is about as intuitive as a rolling pin, only less suited to its actual purpose”.

Me: Architecture… internal finishes…etcetera and so forth….micaceous paint…

Spellcheck: I’m sorry. Do you mean ‘musaceous’?

Me: I’m pretty sure I don’t. I’m pretty sure I mean ‘micaceous’. As in sparkly and shiny, and pertaining to mica.

Spellcheck: Are you sure?… Are you sure you don’t mean ‘musaceous’?

Me: Well, what does musaceous mean?

Spellcheck: Don’t ask me, I just tagged along with MS Word 2007. Do I look like I know what these words mean?

Me: Fine then, numbskull. I’ll ask Wiktionary.

Wiktionary: ‘Musaceous’ — of or pertaining to a banana.

Me: Yes. Right. See, I did NOT mean musaceous. Who wants their house painted with banana? No-one, that’s who.

Spellcheck: Fine then, see if I care… Err, how ’bout ‘minacious’ then?

Me: Hmm, let’s see.

Wiktionary: Minacious: ‘Of a threatening or menacing nature’.

Me: How fitting! [turns off Spellcheck with one fierce keystroke]. Now back to work!

First published at tumblr Proof (v.)


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