Fiscal hell is full of puns. Cool.

Iceland - flickr
(image via Stuck in Customs)

Lucy’s blog just reminded me to blog about the most delicious (and predictable) pun in the history of international finance news:


Oh yes they DID!

Last night I turned a keen ear to the radio as several Deutsche Welle reporters tried to avoid punning the obvious. They couldn’t.

And who can blame them? Desperate times call for desperate puns. How long before the word ‘meltdown’ makes a headline appearance in this Scandinavian saga?*

But seriously, right now the potential for fiscal wordplay is the only thing between the BBC World Service and 24-hours of news-induced PANIC.

* Oh look! I think it already happened! “CREDIT FREEZE COULD WARM ICELAND TO EU MEMBERSHIP”. And talk about making lemonade when the Universe delivers you a truckload of lemons! Financial collapse = cheesy pun AND a diplomatic opportunity!

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