Barack Obama prefers Gotham

Design for Obama - You had me at Gotham
{ rmastalerz for Design For Obama }

“Put the word “change” in Comic Sans and the idea feels lightweight and silly. Place it in Times Roman and it feels self-important. In Gotham, it feels just right. Inspiring, not threatening.”
— Branding expert Brian Collins in ‘To the Letter Born’,

(Really, I just wanted an excuse to say how much I love Obama, Design for Obama and the global atmosphere of Democratic Optimism: ie. very, very much.)

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Word Nerds of the Web, Unite!

The significance of the following list is yet to be realised (suspenseful much?). Suffice it to say that I am not the only snark in this world wide web.

Broad-Spectrum Editing Blogs
→   Editrix
→   English FAIL Blog: FAIL pictures of the English language
→   Detected Errors: Sundry errors in sundry places
→   It’s Your Damned Language
→   Little Red Pen: A little red pen goes a long way
→   Mighty Red Pen (In case a little red pen is not enough)
→   Red Pen, Inc.
→   Your Sew Vein

Grammartastic Blogs
→   Grammarblog: Split infinitives and beyond
→   The Grammar Scribe
→   The Grammar Vandal
→   Our Bold Hero: Dispatches from a Grammar Wars Foot Soldier
→   Save Grammar.: One woman’s quest…
→   SPOGG: Society for the Promotion Of Good Grammar
→   Villa Grammatica

Apostrophe Blogs
→   Apostrophe Catastrophes: The Worlds’ Worst. Punctuation;
→   Apostrophe Abuse
→   Apostrophism
→   The Shelter for Abused Apostrophes: aka Rants in My Pants

Niche Blogs
→   Literally, A Web Log
→   Lowercase L


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Here be Pilcrows! More punctuation plunder

While answering my interrobang queries, the wild seas of Wikipedia kindly churned up all manner of odd punctuation, glyphs and symbols, from the truly obscure to those more commonplace, though their names are not.

I have trawled through the treasure trove, and here is the booty:

Uncharted Waters

⁂ = Asterism (next sub-chapter!)

¤ = Currency (when specific currency sign unavailable. Useful!)

· = Interpunct (re: spaces, graphemes and pronunciation)

†‡ = Daggers (re: footnotes, wicket-keepers and dead people)

It’s called what now?

/ = Solidus (not “slash”)

^ = Caret (not “little up arrow above 6”)

¶ = Pilcrow or Alinea (not “paragraph sign”)

` = Prime (not “the other thing on the tilda key”)

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Why so obscure‽ (An open letter to The Interrobang)


Dear Interrobang,
You ingenious exclamation mark/question mark hybrid, you,

How is it that you have hitherto been absent from my life‽
Why so obscure

Is it because you’ve only been around since 1967, the invention of (oh, the indignity) an advertising guy‽ Is it because you, like my maligned friend fora, are ‘non-standard’ and therefore thoroughly unused and uncool‽

Is it because I have to look you up in Character Map every time I want to use you‽

…Maybe you should get out more. I mean, you’re not even in the OED. If only you had made an effort to gain popular currency, we might have met sooner.

Well, now that we’ve been properly introduced, I suppose I shall make an effort to keep in touch. In times of indignation and disbelief, I shall look you up, interrobang.



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Earworms and Mind Wanderings

The Sprout and The Bean, by Joanna Newsom

Lose Yourself in Melbourne

Last heard: in the ‘Lose Yourself in Melbourne’ TV ad.

Right now, deadlines are swooping down upon me
like the vengeful fighter jet-turned-eagle
in Douglas Adams’ The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul.

So wandering along cobblestones
to the tune of harps/nonsensical lyrics,
wearing a pretty dress
and carrying nought but a big ball of red wool
sounds like a charming idea.

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