It’s not fastidious, but I love…

…Life’s Small Pleasures #437:

Knowing that no matter what I do, my alarm clock will always end up running fast by some inexplicable, unpredictable, indeterminate, and pretty much insignificant amount of time.

Waking up knowing that there’s a touch more naptime left; hurrying to leave the house knowing deep down I’m not as late as I think.

Holly Golightly
(Audrey as Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961), via iwakey)

You should try it.

Yes, here I am, meticulous me, heartily advising that you get sloppy with your timing*.

But remember this: Once you discover with precision just how inaccurate the clock really is — to the minute — everything will be ruined. You will begin to factor in these known extra minutes, and the element of pleasant surprise will disappear.

Solution: buy another faulty timepiece, one with a cumulative inaccuracy yet to be deciphered.

* Disclaimer: The blogger also has a watch, laptop and mobile phone, all with the correct time as per Mr Talking Clock. There’s pleasantly ahead of schedule, and then there’s cluelessly late.


» EDIT: Having slept on it, maybe Marc Owens’ Da Vinci Alarm Clock is an even better source of imprecision.

Marc Owens Da Vinci Clock

I rather fancy the idea of a Renaissance kip every 3.5 hours, authorised by the master of proportion himself.

“What sort of person’s life could accommodate such a perfect schedule?…Of course! This is the Blogger’s Clock!”
Yanko Design

First published at tumblr Proof (v.)

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