Costello’s thunder stolen… again

I never thought I’d say it, but just for today, I’m feeling a teensy tiny bit sorry for Peter Costello.

He spent the best part of his political life as John Howard’s long-suffering bridesmaid, knowing deep down that the voters would never love him enough to make him their bride.

His brother, Reverend Tim Costello, is a prominent humanitarian, sitting atop the moral high ground of World Vision Australia, a position that was always going to make Purse-Strings Peter seem like a smirking, cold-hearted Scrooge. Nobody likes a fiscal conservative.

And now, some young whippersnapper with less smirk and fewer jowels steals Costello’s front-page glory by having his semi-naked, simulated-sex-act budget-party antics splashed across the media, just in time to knock Poor Old Peter off the front page and back into the unflatteringly dim light of news item #2.

For such suffering, I grant him a modicum of pity (incl. GST).

First published at tumblr Proof (v.)

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